2 Years & Counting – Promises To My Wife

Two years ago today I married the most amazing women I have ever met.

Two years ago today I stood in front of our family and friends and made these promises…


We got style and it's plain to see.

We got style and it’s plain to see.

Through out my life I have heard people say the line “when you know, you know” and I always thought that was really dumb! Then I started spending time with you… And I knew.

I knew you were the only one I ever wanted to marry.

I knew you were the only one I want to wake up with every morning.

I knew you were the one I want to raise a family with.

I knew you were the one for me.

I love so many things about you.

I love your natural joy in life.

I love how much you love people.

I love your compassionate heart.

I love that in any moment you can laugh, dance and celebrate with someone but you also are there to cry with them to.

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Social Media For Church

Part of my new job at Fountain Springs Community Church is attempting to figure out how to use social media effectively as a church in Rapid City, South Dakota. I am not really sure what that looks like yet but I am working on it.

My first initiative is simple… Get the staff using social media. In effort to do so I presented these “5 Tips & 5 Apps” in staff meeting last week.

social media pic

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Got Stoned & Dropped The F-Bomb

FBOM-InviteFrontA few months ago I wrote a piece called “Forgiving Hitler, Child Molesters and Every Mean Person Ever“. The post is still stirring up some great conversation and debate. All the hoopla is leading me to reflect on how I forgive others.

This is how it usually goes down:

1) Someone hurts me, I become upset

2) I rework my perspective to Christ and what He has done for me … (Sometimes)

3) In time, I forgive … (Usually – only if #2 happens)

I find myself challenged to go deeper.

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Dear Worship Leader: Read Blogs

Do you ever feel like you could use a little help as a worship leader?

I know you do. Thats why you’ve been reading my “Dear Worship Leader” series.

I wanted to let you know there is more help out there from individuals who are much wiser than I.

Here are 4 blogs by worship leading types turned bloggers that I have found helpful/challenging/encouraging over the last few months.

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Why We Moved To South Dakota

Why we moved

Before I get into this post I want to answer two questions:

Q: Is Atlantic breaking up?

A: No, absolutely not. In fact, we have a tour booked for May and another one in August. We will being doing fewer dates every year, but still doing them nonetheless.

Q: Are you still speaking at events?

A: Yes. I would love to come speak at your event!


Almost two months ago my wife and I moved to Rapid City, South Dakota, to join a movement.

Prior to moving, we were living in Grand Rapids, Michigan in a small apartment on the West side of the city. My wife had an awesome job working in one of the top salons in the city. I was staying busy leading worship and speaking at different churches, camps, retreats, and youth groups. I was also really enjoying the extra time I had to pour into writing.

We had friends who loved us. A community to do life with. Family only a car ride away. It seemed like the perfect set up.

The thing was, we knew God wasn’t calling us to stay.

One morning I woke up to an email from a pastor in Rapid City who was leading a church that was experiencing unprecedented growth.

In the last 4 years the church had gone from a regular attendance of 140 to a regular attendance of 1600.

In the last two years they have seen almost 1000 people surrender their lives to Jesus.

In the last year they had the privilege of baptizing 260 people.

The crazy thing is that Rapid City has a population of less than 70,000 people. This church was infectiously reaching this city.

The Pastor told me they were looking for a Creative Arts Pastor who had a “love for hurting and disconnected people” as most of their church was either “unchurched” or “dechurched” folks. More than the numbers, this resonated with my wife and I.

After a visit, 3 months of praying (and some tears) we sincerely felt called to be a part of this incredible movement of God that was happening in Rapid City. A month and a half later we were moving into a small two-bedroom house on the North Side of Rapid with no idea what we were getting ourselves into.

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Dear Worship Leader: Say Thank-You

Last week I wrote a post about dealing with the those who are critical of your worship leading (read it here). This week we flip the coin and talk about how to deal with compliments.

It’s awkward, right? Your heart is so focussed on exalting God and there are those people who consistently want to tell you what a great job you’ve been doing.

free compliments

So what should your response be?

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